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When Mom was here we made cupcakes for Brooklyn to take to school for her birthday (And I talked the teacher into taking some pictures.) And just so you know, cupcakes are not very common here. We did vanilla cream cheese cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. The girls got a pinkie pie ring and the boys got a football ring. American football. The kids and the parents were probably like, “What is that?” They play rugby here.

And speaking of Rugby, Clermont’s rugby team made it to the championship. That means that they put up a huge TV screen in Centre Juade (the square beside our apartment) and something like 50,000 people come to watch it. Now, you’ve probably heard me complain about the drunk people late at night so 50,000 rowdy fans made us a little nervous, especially if Clermont were to win. Michael’s friend Brian came over to watch the game on TV and I made them meatball sliders, yum! Michael and Brian went and took a few pictures of all the chaos during halftime. If we looked out our windows we could see the huge crowds (The last picture is from our apartment when the game was over and everyone started leaving). Unfortunately, Clermont ended up losing by only 1 point. Heartbreaking, and we still were woke up by the singing, cheering fans.