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Last Wednesday Brooklyn had a playdate with her French Best Friend, Esther. The playdate was at our house and her mom dropped her off for about 3 hours.

Esther speaks no English so it was a little interesting trying to ask her questions, but it all worked out okay. When she wanted me to look at something, she would kind of grunt at me. I decided to be nice and share my precious peanut butter and make them Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches since the French kids don’t eat/have it here (and don’t know what they are missing!), but she didn’t like it. She took a bite and looked at me and shook her head no. Who doesn’t like peanut butter? Oh well, that means more peanut butter for me!

They had so much fun and played with playdough, dressed up, had a tea party, and played with a million and a half toys. I just think it is so sweet that they can’t understand each other, yet they are BFF’s. 🙂 The language barrier doesn’t bother them one bit, because they giggled and played just like any other kids. Maybe one day before we move back they will be able to speak with each other.

One a side note, Brooklyn’s teacher says that Brooklyn is starting to understand a little bit of French in class and has spoken a few words in French. Yay!