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So, I killed a bird and feel awful about it.

One day, while Brooklyn was taking a nap, I heard a weird screeching noise and went over to the window to investigate.

At first, I thought it was a mouse. Then I realized I haven’t seen a single mouse the entire time we’ve been here and the noise was coming from up above my head.

So I figured it must be a bird and that it was stuck. So I slowly raise the blinds and then all of the sudden I hear a “THUNK” and then I don’t hear the screeching anymore. I finish raising the blinds and a little bit of fluff falls from the blinds, but I don’t see or hear the bird so I forget about it.

That is until the Rugby game. I opened the blinds to see all the people in the square and then I closed them and that is when I see the wing.

Just a single wing hanging from the top of the blinds. I get Michael so he can remove the dead bird. He has to stand on a chair and push on the blinds to dislodge it, which is super dangerous, because there are no screens or safety railings to keep him from falling seven stories. But you know men, they don’t listen to anything.

So Michael is pushing on the blinds and pulling on the wing while his friend is holding onto his pants and finally the bird comes flying out and lands at my feet. But it is dead. And lying on the floor. And cute and fluffy. 😦 I feel horrible!

So Michael says, “What should I do with it?” I say, “Wait until it is dark and people aren’t walking on the street and drop it off the ledge. So what does he do? He flicks it off the ledge. During the day. During the Rugby matching when there are 50,000 people in town.

Luckily (or unluckily, depending on who you ask), the bird landed on somebody elses window ledge.

I wonder what they did with it. Hopefully, they didn’t flick it off the window ledge during the day. I mean, who would do something like that?