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The expat community here is great and everyone is really friendly. It is also easy to meet other English speaking people at Masillon, Brooklyn’s school.

Us ladies plan a Girl’s Night Out every month and this last time we went to a restaurant called La Gourmandine. I had Goat Cheese Brushchetta and the Roasted Chicken on Couscous and it was really good. My dessert, which I forgot to take a picture of, was roasted apricot. It was okay. It didn’t have any chocolate or whipped cream so it wasn’t sweet enough for me. 🙂

Next month we are going to have lunch on the rooftop of the Princesse Flore Hotel and go to the Royatonic Spa for a massage. This spa is supposed to be semi-famous because the waters from the volcanoes are used in the indoor pool area. The pool area has jacuzzis and hamamms (different from a sauna) and we are going to hang out in the pool area for a while after our treatments. I. Cannot. Wait.