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We just bought a hiking backpack to carry Brooklyn around and we LOVE it! It goes up to 50 pounds so we will be able to use it for a while. Sometimes it is easier to use this around town than to take the stroller.

We went on our first hike this weekend to a town called Sans Souci. The hike was about 2 hours long in woods that ran along a creek. We hiked up to a waterfall that was called Squirrel waterfall. The hike also took us through a small part of the town which was neat. Brooklyn even got to see a baby horse and pet a cat, which was obviously the highlight of her trip!

We saw lots of creatures on our hike. Michael found a really huge moth, we found some caterpillars, and some really pretty snails. One snail we found was HUGE! The biggest I have ever seen. We probably should have brought it home and made escargot!

Brooklyn had a great time and really enjoys being carried in the backpack. She even did some walking, which is a small victory for us, since she usually pretends her legs hurt so we carry her around town.

While walking, she fell a few times, so we have learned that if you take your toddler hiking, you should probably put pants on them (Make sure you check out the picture of Brooklyn pointing at her boo boo and making a sad face). Hindsight is 20/20 blah, blah, blah…

On the drive home, we went through a town called Volvic (Where they bottle water from the mountains. Totally gross water.) and stopped at an abandoned Chateau. The Chateau is surrounded by a fence and we couldn’t find a way in. Based on one of the signs, we think maybe you can hike to the Chateau and get in from the forest. We plan on trying that hike sometime and hopefully get to explore the Chateau.