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A few weekends ago we went to Salers, which is about 2 hours from Clermont-Ferrand. It was June and we decided to travel over the mountains to get there. Let me say it again, it was June. And there was snow. So much that a road was closed and it took us 3 hours to get there instead of 2. I mean, really!? Even Alaska gets a summer, so when is it coming to France?

Salers dates back to almost 1000 years ago, but it was during the 15th century that much of the town was built. Salers describes itself as ‘a black diamond on a green carpet’ because of the dark grey volcanic stone used for many of the buildings. Salers is also known for Cantal and Salers cheese, and for a breed of cattle called Salers.

The village was pretty neat, especially the buildings. There must have been something going on in the area because lots of the shops were open. We got lots of neat candy like caramels and some kind of fudge and caramel fudge cookies. Since it took so much longer to get to Salers than we thought, I was freaking out about getting something to eat at a normal hour for dinner. In France, there is NOTHING you can buy on the go in the country, and especially on a Sunday when everything is closed. So we ate dinner a little early at a Crepe Restaurant and got a Ham and Cantal Cheese Crepe and a Chocolate and Ice Cream Crepe. Yum!