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We took Brooklyn to Disneyland Paris last Thursday, just for the day. We wanted to go while schools were still in and before it got too hot. The weather was supposed to be rainy, but didn’t ending up doing much. This was better for us, because there weren’t that many people at the park. Don’t get me wrong, there were tons of people there, but not like a Saturday in the middle of July.

Brooklyn’s favorite Princess is Sleeping Beauty. She has never seen the movie, but she does have a bottle of shampoo with Sleeping Beauty on it, so I guess between that and the pink dress, she became Brooklyn’s favorite. So we were very excited to find out the castle at Disneyland Paris is Sleeping Beauty’s castle (In Florida, it is Cinderella’s castle). You can even go underneath it and see the dragon. The dragon moves, roars, and breaths smoke.

The wait times for rides were about 30 minutes which we didn’t think was too bad. And Brooklyn did a pretty good job of being patient. She loves rides and rode about everything she was tall enough to get on. The only thing she wasn’t impressed with was the Snow White ride. When we got off, she stomped her feet and flung her arms and said it was too scary and she didn’t want to do it again! While waiting in line for another ride there was this little boy that kept standing next to Brooklyn and was infatuated with her. He even tried to kiss her! Unfortunately, the Dumbo ride was closed and so was Space Mountain so us adults didn’t get to ride anything cool.

Brooklyn did ok meeting some characters. She wasn’t sure what to think of Tiger and Piglet, but she really enjoyed meeting the princesses. At this park you have to take your ticket to the park, wait in line for another ticket, and then wait in another line just to meet one princess. We did this and Brooklyn got to meet Cinderella.

We also took Brooklyn to eat dinner with the Princesses. The food was actually very good and they served us cocktails and all kinds of extras. At dinner, we got to meet two of Cinderella’s mice, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Brooklyn wasn’t real impressed with the mice, but enjoyed the Princesses. This dinner was definitely worth the price.

Brooklyn had a great time and was wore out from the day and fell asleep immediately in her car seat on the way to the hotel.

And speaking of hotels…it was a little to far to drive home that night and we wanted to go see a Chateau the next day so we decided to get a hotel. We didn’t want to spend much money just to stay for one night since we have other trips coming up soon (Venice and Rome in August and Amsterdam in October) so we stayed at a hotel that was about 33 Euros a night. I’m thinking for 33 Euros a night we would be sharing the room with mice and cockroaches. I told Michael that I could handle it for one night to save money, especially since Disneyland is quite expensive. Neither of us were sure what to expect, but it ended up being great. Mainly because it had just been renovated. It was definitely built with French standards in mind. The room was tiny with hardwood floors and only as wide as a small desk, a double bed, a bathroom, and an air conditioner. The bathroom was tiny and was like a cruise ship bathroom. There was a double bed and then a single bed up above, but everything was extra clean! Brooklyn thought it was just great to get to sleep on the bunk bed and enjoyed our stay at the hotel, maybe even better than Disney! Maybe we were just exhausted, but we slept awesome and we will totally stay there again next time we take Brooklyn to Disneyland. I mean this room was nicer and cleaner than a lot of the hotels we’ve stayed in in the U.S. Go figure. And FYI, the French only use a fitted sheet and a duvet.