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The day after Disneyland, we went to the Chateau Chenonceau. This was by far the best chateau we have been to.

This chateau was built on the River Cher sometime before the 11th century. And when I say it was built on the river, I mean built ON the river. Completely surrounded by water. How cool is that? I won’t bore you with too much history, but this chateau has been torched, taken away, given to mistresses, and built onto (Part of the chateau used to be a bridge across the river that they built floors on top of).

All the chateaus we have been to didn’t have much furniture and they didn’t let you see very many rooms so this was another reason we found this one so interesting. All the original furniture was still in all the rooms, the paintings were still there, and I bet we got to see about 95% of the chateau. A few of the ceilings had paintings on them, there was lots of textured wallpaper, and many tapestries hanging on the walls.

There were many beautiful formal gardens and even a maze of bushes. Also, a pasture of donkeys and a small white horse that bit Michael on the hand (We get bit by animals a lot, but that is a post for another day).

There were food gardens as well. They even have a restaurant and I assume they use the food they grow in the gardens. The restaurant is obviously very popular as it was fully booked the day we went. Which is why the last picture is of a hotdog we got at the food stand at the entrance of the chateau. You must be thinking, “That isn’t a hotdog.” Well, to the French it is and it was actually good! The lady put the baguette on a metal rod that cut out the center as well as heating up the bread. She then squeezed in the mustard and ketchup and slid in the hotdog. Weird. But it worked.