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The Tour De France came close to where we live so we decided to go and see it. We went to a town called Périgny, which was about an hour and a half away.

Two hours before the Tour was supposed to come through, a caravan was supposed to come through and throw out knick knacks and candy, sort of like a parade in the United States. I say “sort of” because the caravan vehicles that came through must have been going 40 miles per hour! And there were no barricades of any kind! And did I mention they were throwing things. One vehicle was tossing out rolled up newspapers. Can you see where this is going? The lady standing beside us got hit in the head with it and it bounced off her head and hit the side of the car.

If you have ever wondered if there were white trash French people in France, the answer is yes. These people were going all out and fighting over rolled up newspapers, cheap plastic hats, water flavoring samples, and who knows what else. All I know is I got hit by a keychain and a white trash French person stole it from my feet. Michael says the rules to taking parade goods in the US don’t apply to France, but I disagree. If I physically get hit with the item and it lands in my personal space, it should be mine. But seriously, I didn’t want the key chain, I have enough stuff in my junk drawer, but it was the principle of the whole situation. At this point we crossed the road to get away from these white trash French people so we could try to get something for Brooklyn.

We ended up getting a plastic hat, which I traded a kid for a cow keychain for Brooklyn (the one that hit me wasn’t nearly as cool as the cow one). Michael refused to ask the kid to trade so I had to use my limited French. I basically said, “Exchange for cow?” He understood and traded so everyone was happy.

After the caravan went through we decided to walk the country road a bit to find a better place to take pictures of the bikers. We had to wait about 45 minutes until the bikers were supposed to come through. We were just sitting there passing the time and all the sudden the bikers were right there. We should have seen them coming from far away, but we weren’t paying enough attention. As you can imagine, the pack of bikers passed in like 15 seconds, but it was really neat to see. We were at the middle of an hill and they were still going ridiculously fast for going uphill. I can’t imagine wanting to train for something like that and having to bike 100 miles or more a day. Must be for people that enjoy pain. I pretty sure there is a condition for that.

One of the bikers was having problems and his car came up and swapped his bike out for him and then pushed him to help him gain some speed. It was neat to see how fast a bike swaps works.

So 15 seconds of bikes and it was over. But it was worth it!