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Brooklyn’s end of the year Carnival for Massillon was the first weekend of July. Each class performed a dance, there were booths and games, and there was a dinner you could buy tickets to.

The children performed first and Brooklyn was adorable of course! The girls were dressed as flowers and the boys were dressed as butterflies. We weren’t sure what Brooklyn was going to do on stage but, she did the first part of the dance where she and her partner walked in circles holding hands. She even grinned a little bit. But when it came time for the end where they were supposed to wave and blow kisses, she decided she was not going to have any part of that! We thought she was still adorable and at least she wasn’t the kid who stood up there and cried the whole time.

Next, we walked Brooklyn around to play some games. Each game or station was one ticket (1 Euro) and Brooklyn had a great time. There were stations where you got to “fish” for prizes, one to buy bracelets, one to shop for stickers, buy cotton candy, and many more.

Dinner for the carnival was optional, but we bought tickets and did the dinner since it was a fundraiser for Brooklyn’s school. The dinner was this slightly spicy french sausage called merguez that they grilled and a few other sides.

My day is never complete without dessert and I was not disappointed. Everyone was supposed to bring a dessert, which they then sold as single servings for a dollar each. I thought this was a great idea because someone made those no bake oatmeal peanut butter chocolate drop cookies and I haven’t had those since on of my favorite neighbors, Libby, made them. (Just writing about them made me crave them so I made them today!)

While we ate dinner, Brooklyn and her BFF Esther took turns sitting with us and Esther’s parents. The two girls even got brave enough to go to the kids dessert table and get their own desserts. And this was after I had already gotten them each one. And did you notice the servers don’t wear gloves or use plates or napkins?