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The rest of our trip in Venice went really well. On our second day we went to Lido Beach and spent a few hours at the beach. For some reason I wanted to make sure we went to the beach at least once while we are on this side of the world. Brooklyn had a great time playing in the sand, but didn’t really want to get in the water.

We went and spent some time in Saint Marco Square and let Brooklyn feed and chase all the pigeons. She had lots of fun and was very cute and apparently everyone else thought she was cute too because people were taking her picture and videotaping her. Kinda flattering and weird at the same time.

We also got to do something I had read about and really wanted to do. There is a new tradition in Venice to write your names on a lock and attach it to a bridge and throw away the keys which I think is so romantic. So Michael bought us a lock and we did just that. We took a few pictures of our lock to remember it. There were thousands of locks on the bridge that we attached ours to, which was the Ponte Dell’ Accademia.

We also spent a day at Murano Island, where they are known for their famous Murano glass, and at Burano Island, which is a small and beautiful fishing village. We weren’t real impressed with Murano Island. It was basically a bunch of shops where they sold the Murano glass and they weren’t doing any demonstrations while we there so it wasn’t that fun. Brooklyn and I livened things up by knocking over and breaking some glass. I was holding Brooklyn and maneuvering by the register and I thought she knocked over the glass. Brooklyn immediatedly said, “Sorry, Mommy” so I thought she knocked it over. I was telling her that that was why Mommy said not to touch anything and she asked if she was going to get a spanking and I said yes and she started to cry. The shopkeeper overheard and told me that Brooklyn didn’t touch it, that is got knocked off when I turned and brushed Brooklyn against it. So I told Brooklyn it was ok, but she was hysterical for some reason, I guess because she hadn’t been getting regular naps. At this point Michael walks in the store and having heard the glass asked if it was us and and I said yes and he said he knew it was us. The shopkeeper evidentally thought we must beat her because she didn’t make us pay for the glass and came running out of the shop later to give Brooklyn some bubbles.

After this fiasco we decided to go to Burano Island, which was much more interesting and so beautiful. Burano is a small fishing village and known for its handmade lace. It was neat just to walk around and look at all the brightly colored houses. The colors reminded us a lot of Charleston.

The food was pretty good in Venice except for the lasagna. We tried the lasagna twice and it wasn’t good either time. We usually had pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner. We all I had 2-3 gelatos a day our entire trip so it was the best trip of my life. My favorite flavors ended up being Straciatella (Vanilla with chunks of chocolate) and Amarena (Cherry). I’m glad we walked a lot because I didn’t gain a single pound on this trip even though I must have eaten at least a gallon of ice cream. We tried one of the patisseries, but they were not good. At least not French Patisserie good.

The rest of the days we just wandered around and saw all that Venice has to offer. Some of the things we saw were the Rialto Bridge, which is the large white one in the pictures, lots of beautiful churches, statues, the Bridge of Sighs, which is the small white one attached to buildings, the fish market, and lots of beautiful canals. It is amazing to me that the people in Venice live so differently than us. There are no streets in Venice. At all. I was asking the lady at the Bed and Breakfast and she said that the people that live on the island don’t have cars. She said a few might, but if they get a job off the island, they usually end up moving. The people that live on the canals usually have boats so they have doors on the canal side so they can go straight into their house from the canal. There is one picture in the slideshow of one house on the canal side with the door open. How do we know this is a house, you ask? Because we saw a guy in his underwear in the house. Nice, huh?

The temperature was pretty nice in Venice. It was a little hot but since the buildings are so close together, you are usually in the shade. Our bed and breakfast had air conditioning, which was nice, but it was a very low power one so Michael was still burning up, but it was better than nothing, especially since it is humid in Venice.

We did take a gondola ride, which was amazing. We were surprised that the view was so much different from the gondola and we both were very impressed. Brooklyn enjoyed it too. All she asked to do all week was to ride on a boat or on a plane. We had our pictures professionally taken in Venice so I don’t have any photos of the gondola ride, but I will soon.