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Brooklyn doctor
Brooklyn went to the doctor the other week for her 3 year checkup. (Yes, I know it was a few months late.) The doctor began to ask some questions about her development. The conversation went like this:

Doctor: “Does she take orders?”

Michael: “Yes, and she gives them.”

Doctor: “Does she use “I” when she speaks?

Michael: “Yes.”

Doctor: “Does she speak in long sentences?”

Michael: “Yes.”

Doctor: “Can she draw a circle?”

Michael: “Yes.”

Doctor: “Can she stack blocks on top of each other?”

Michael: “Yes.”

And here is where it gets interesting.

Doctor: “Does she know her colors?”

Michael: “Not very good.”

Doctor: Points at a yellow changing table and says, “What color is this?

Brooklyn: “I don’t know?”

Michael: “Can you guess?”

Brooklyn: “Green!”

Doctor: Laughs and says, “No, it’s yellow.”

Michael: “We thought she might be color blind, but we did the color blind test on the internet and she could pick out the shapes on the test.”

Doctor: Points to a red desk and says, “What color is that?”

Brooklyn: “Brooklyn!”

Michael: “Wait, let’s do a color she knows.” Points to a pink polka dot lunchbox and says, “What color is this?”

Brooklyn: Screams “Pink!!!”

Doctor: Laughs and says, “Oh, she knows pink because she is a girl.”

Brooklyn: “It is pink and white.”

Well played Brooklyn. Well played.