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We went to Amsterdam for a long weekend and despite the rain, we had a great time! I was a little nervous about going there, because marijuana and prostitution is legal, and I guess I was expecting a bunch of stoned people walking around, but it wasn’t like that at all. The tourist areas did have a lot of marijuana paraphernalia and we did get a few whiffs of pot walking by a few café’s, but we just avoided those. However, we were too curious to avoid the red light district and peeked down one of the streets. Let’s just say little clothes and even less self-respect was involved.

Amsterdam reminded me a little bit of Venice with the building and the canals. Even though the buildings were very old, they were very well taken care of. We took a boat tour that took us around and highlighted some of the best parts of Amsterdam. We also got to see the skinniest building in Amsterdam, which you can see in one of the pictures. And oh my goodness, all the bikes. This city is a biker’s paradise and there were bikers young and old. There were bikes lanes everywhere you went and we had to be very careful not to step off the sidewalk without looking out for the bikers. Everywhere you went, there were bikes locked to everything possible. In one picture in the slideshow you can see three levels of bikes. This is at the train station and shows how many people ride their bike to the train station to get to work each day.

There were lots of museums, but not a whole lot else. We did go see the Anne Frank Museum which was very sad and interesting all at the same time. We got to go up and tour the rooms were the family stayed and even got to see the bookcase that kept the passageway hidden.

One day we went out for dinner and went to a Dutch restaurant. We got an appetizer plate with some Dutch appetizers. The meatball things, called “bitterballen” were very good, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the aged Holland cheese. I ordered Pork Schnitzel, which was AMAZING, and now I want to know why I haven’t had this amazingly unhealthy food before? It was really thinly sliced pieces of pork fried to a crispy perfection! I hope to get to eat this again soon and if you ever see it on a menu, I highly recommend you order it! Michael got a steak (We can’t get good steaks in France so we always get them when we are in other places) that this restaurant is famous for and he really enjoyed it.

It was cloudy and rained almost the entire time, but we still had a great time. The apartment we stayed in was in a very neat part of town and Brooklyn loved playing around on the piano. I think Amsterdam is more of a couple’s vacation and just where you want to relax and not do much else.

Oh, and if you were wondering why there was a random picture of red leaves it is a sad, sad story. The leaves in France don’t change color like they do back home. We have this amazing view from our apartment, but the trees and their leaves only reach the stage of yellowish, brownish, are they dying or not, colors. Sad. Very sad. So I took the picture to remind me of Fall back home.

Yeah, I know, first world problems.