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We have BIG news!

I know what you are thinking and no, I’m not pregnant. Just wanted to go ahead and put that out there.

But we still have awesome news. Are you ready?


Yes, that’s right, they told us we would be home by the end of next year. It is definitely bittersweet, I’m pretty sure I could live here forever, but I am excited to come back home too. Michael, I am sure, is ready to work somewhere where it isn’t so hard to communicate. Don’t get me wrong, his French is way better than mine, but it is still such a ridiculously hard language to learn! I’m pretty sure I will have a good grip on the language about the time they move us home. Isn’t that how those things usually work?

Michael is in the US this week for work and to pick up the million things my mom has gotten for me (I ❤ you Mom!) and if you are wondering what kind of things I have not been able to get here in France and that I am not able to live without, I will tell you. Peanut Butter, a pack of white toddler socks (ridiculous, right?! But I can't find ANY here!), baking soda, fabric (It is 20 Euros a yard! That is $26 US dollars! No wonder no one sews here!), a yellow cake mix (I had a major Pinterest fail trying to make my own from scratch), crafting supplies, and the list goes on and on, but I will stop boring you with the specifics.

Michael is also looking at land this week which is very exciting. We hope to get a few acres so we can get a pony for Brooklyn. And getting to pick out a house and decorate is always fun. And I actually don't mind moving at all because Michelin has someone pack up our house and they unpack it for us when we move home. I mean, you can't get much better than that!

So moral of this story is, if you want to come see us, you'd better hurry up!

But because we are moving home, we are starting to panic about all the things that we still want to see and do. So we are trying to do something almost every weekend. Last weekend we drove through the French countryside and visited three towns. They were Lavaudieu, Arlempdes, and Pradelles. They were all amazingly beautiful and we had a great time. Getting to drive through the countryside was as fun as walking through the town.

My favorite part, though, was finding an open Patisserie. The treat that looks like a Peach was heavenly. Too bad I only bought one.

Brooklyn's favorite part, hands down, was when the car was surrounded by sheep as they were being moved from one pasture to another. When we first saw them, we weren't sure why they weren't in a fence. I got out to take a picture and they all come running at me. I was a little nervous, but then I see that a farmer and his border collies are herding the sheep. As the farmer gets closer, I say, "Bonjour" to him. TWICE! And he totally ignores me. Ahhh, the French. I won't miss that part of living in France. Fortunately, most of the French are very nice. Even if they do think we are stupid Americans.