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This past week we traveled to Strasbourg, France for three days. Everyone kept telling us that we must go to Strasbourg at Christmastime and see the Christmas markets, so we did!

Strasbourg is extremely close to the border of Germany so the town has lots of German influence in the buildings and the food. We really enjoyed seeing the city, especially the old part called “La Petite France.” Strasbourg has canals running through the city and while we were walking along, we realized they have a lock canal to get the sightseeing boats from a lower body of water to the higher canals. It was very interesting to watch. To me the best part of the city was the decorations. The stores do a fantastic job of decorating the buildings with huge wrapped presents, animals, and greenery, to name a few. My favorite was the pigs, of course, and Brooklyn’s favorite were the winged horses. Michael’s favorite was when we weren’t shopping. 🙂 There were many Christmas markets scattered throughout the city, but I wasn’t very impressed with them, hoping for more handmade gifts and ornaments, but it was still nice to see.

I’m not sure that I would want to visit Strasbourg in the Summer, but I am still glad we came. And now we are off to Germany!