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Innsbruck, Austria was, by far, our favorite city that we visited on our trip. Innsbruck is a little ski village right in between the huge Alps. The combination of the huge river that runs through the city, the beautiful buildings, the Alps and the snow on them, made Innsbruck our favorite stop.

We started our visit by taking a very interesting tram up the mountain. The tram had individual cars that hung down, but attached at the top, so that when they went up the steep mountain, they could change levels. We even went down a tunnel and back up and in the tunnel which was a little scary. There was only a really short part of the track where the trams could go around each other. Everywhere else they share one track. We figured out later that the tram was on some sort of circular pulley system so it was impossible for the trams to collide. Once we reached the end of the tram line, we took a cable car to a ski lodge where we ate lunch. A good lunch! I had a cheese dumpling with sauerkraut, Michael had Pork Schnitzel, and Brooklyn had frankfurters. I had an apple and pear tart for dessert. We spent a little time outside with Brooklyn making a snowman and then we headed up the mountain some more.

We took another cable car to the very top of the mountain where the views were even more amazing than the ski lodge. It was much windier at the top so we didn’t stay long.

On the way back down the mountain we took Brooklyn to the zoo. The zoo was on the mountain so we did lots of hiking to see the animals. Some of the animals were hiding because of the cold, but we got to see lots of animals up close like beavers, otters, moose, farm animals, and a bear! Brooklyn was a little scared of the big bear getting so close, but we still managed to talk her into getting a picture near him. Brooklyn is currently OBSESSED with bunnies, even asking us to call her Bunny (which is strange because she usually fusses at us when we call her by something other than Brooklyn), so she was really excited to find a bunny hat in the gift shop.

After our trip up the mountain, we went to the center of town to see the beautiful Christmas market. Michael got a really good fried potato that they cut in a spiral, all still attached, and Brooklyn got to ride a pony. We wanted a quick dinner this night, one reason because Brooklyn was asleep in the backpack, so we got a quick slice of pizza. I got pepperoni, which was exciting for me, because you can’t find pepperoni in France, only chorizo. Brooklyn slept in the backpack the whole time we ate, and I must admit, it was nice to eat dinner in peace!

Next stop, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.