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Brooklyn has turned 4! Can you believe it!?

This year we celebrated her birthday at our house with a Vintage Sleeping Beauty themed party. I had someone create some graphics for me and then I used them to make all the invitations, food cards, and cake toppers. I made most of the decorations and most of the food; however, I did order the bunny macarons and the bunny cakes (although truthfully they look more like anteaters) from our favorite patisserie. I figured I couldn’t make them better than the patisserie, so I decided to just order them.

We invited lots of Brooklyn’s friends, English and French speakers, and they had a great time. They played, colored, made bracelets, and ate lots of sweets! My mom made Brooklyn’s beautiful princess dress, which she loves, and wore it for about a week straight until I made her let me wash it! We had dresses for each little girl so they could also be a princess at the party and then they got to take them home and I made prince shirts for the boys so they wouldn’t be left out.

Brooklyn had a great time and I’m really happy with the way everything turned out. Now I have to start planning for next years birthday!