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Brooklyn had her end of the year gymnastics show a few weeks ago. We had received a handwritten note asking to bring her dressed in horse colors and with a tail. We had no idea it was one big show with all the classes from gymnastics. And apparently I wasn’t the only American mom confused, because none of the older American girls knew to wear their team uniforms. Oh, the language barrier…but that aside, the show went well.

When it was time for Brooklyn’s class to perform, the music started, they all got down on all fours and walked on stage like a horse. And walked around a circle. And did three horse kicks. And jumped up and down crazy like. Now don’t get me wrong, it was cute. We think anything Brooklyn does is cute, but was this all she learned in a whole year of gymnastics? I’ve been in class before and they have a huge obstacle course set up where they climb, jump, and do rolls so I know they do learn things!

Oh well, at least she had fun and was super cute doing it!