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In France, August means mandatory vacation and there has never been a better idea than this. Mandatory vacation is about 3 weeks long and lots of the larger business make this mandatory. Lots of the small businesses here are also closed while they vacation so much of France is a ghost town during this time. After our trip to Paris, we rested for a few days and then left again for vacation in Corsica.

We drove to Bruzolo, Italy the night before we left for Corsica and really enjoyed it. We stayed at a small bed and breakfast in a small town and it was beautiful. We were surrounded by tall mountains, vineyards, and beautiful gardens. We walked up to the town that evening and had some real Italian pizza for dinner.

To get to Corsica you either have to fly or take the Ferry. We decided to take the ferry so we would have our car to travel all over the island. The ferry was certainly an interesting experience. For starters, there were no security checks for any person or any vehicle. You literally showed up and drove on the boat. This lack of security checks must be why they can load this boat, exactly like a cruise ship, in 45 minutes instead of 4 hours on a cruise ship in the United States. We took the ferry during the day, but we still opted to rent a cabin to be more comfortable. The ferry was just like a cruise ship with all the restaurants, shops, pools, etc.

While in Corsica, we stayed in Ajacio and had an apartment with the most amazing view! While there, we took a couple of boats tours, spent a few days at the beach, and drove on lots of windy mountains roads. We took a hike down to some waterfalls, took a hike along the ocean to see the sunset, and saw the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. We also spent some time drooling over yachts parked near the piers. We did lots of relaxing on this vacation, which was nice.

We took the ferry to Nice, France on the return trip and got to see a little bit of the French Riviera before we began our drive home. It was a long drive and we were glad to be home again!