We have wonderful news! We are moving home!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted it by now, but we have been crazy getting the house ready to move. Or I have…Michael has been living it up in Korea (not really) and China (Really….from the hotel with the walk in closet and sitting room to the Chinese telling him they love him everywhere he went. I guess the Chinese really like Americans!) Although, I think I’d rather be getting the house ready than eating the intestines and animal cheek he had to eat while in China. That’s right….cheek!

The movers come tomorrow to pack up our apartment and we fly home at the end of November. We have already bought a house and it will be finished being built at the end of January. The news that we were moving home has definitely been bittersweet and even though we are sad to leave France and all of the amazing experiences we have had, there are lots of things to look forward to when we come home!