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We took Brooklyn to Disneyland, Paris on the second day of school. Can I just say that this was the best idea I’ve ever had? There wasn’t much of a crowd and the wait times were about 15 minutes. It was wonderful. We had time to ride most of the rides and even rode a few of them twice.

We started the morning having breakfast at Café Mickey. It was a French style breakfast and nothing like the breakfast at the ones in the United States. I had been dreaming about the American Mickey Mouse waffles for weeks and was sad devastated to see they didn’t have any. 😦 At breakfast, Brooklyn was a little shy, but let us take her picture with the characters (I will neither confirm nor deny that there was bribery involved). We then spent the day in the park riding all the rides and seeing all that Disney has to offer. Brooklyn had so much fun! She loved the carousel, the teacups, Dumbo’s ride, and even got to drive the cars on the track. We finished our day with the parade and Brooklyn was up front and loved it!

Disneyland in Paris is a little smaller than the one is Florida, although it is set up mostly the same. The one big difference is that the castle in Paris is Sleeping Beauty’s castle. They even have a moving, breathing dragon below the castle. Even though the dragon scared Brooklyn a bit, she asked to see it twice. It was quite wonderful!

It is a little sad to think that we probably won’t go to this park again because we are moving, but we of course will have fun at the ones in the United States. And I will get to eat Mickey Mouse waffles. 🙂